Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We're bringing you luxury in little-girl sizes to dress up your mini-me, favorite niece or other pint-sized loved one! Because, seriously, which little princess wouldn't look ADORABLE in this plush coat?

All of our colour options - white, beige or pink - are lined with fleece, with an ultra plush layer on top. We love the tulle that starts mid-way down the coat, and gives it a fancy, super-girly look! It makes the whole thing Sarah Jessica Parker-esque, don't you think? 

The embellishments add more elegance while keeping the look young; the buttons and flowers are as sweet as she is. Topped off with a pin, this coat is perfect for special occasions in Fall, Winter and Spring.

We guarantee she'll get some oohs and aahs - and at this price, you'll be swooning, too!

Approximate sizing begins at around the 2 year mark and goes up to about 6 years.  

For a closer look, click on the coats below to visit our site. 

Pure Pink Window
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I’m sitting down this morning to write this post with a big smile on my face and a glow in my heart. As the owner and founder of Pure Pink Window, my world is full of sparkly things and beautiful people –like you. For that I am truly grateful. 

This dream venture was launched on two principles: self-love and following one’s heart. These principles are the cornerstone of a life lived fully and passionately. Knowing my two beautiful daughters are watching their mom’s every move, I decided to walk the talk – give them the permission to do what their heart desires as they grow into women. I want them to be fearless and confident and, most of all, to have fun doing whatever they choose to do.

Owning my own business means freedom – I can express who I am creatively, and I can begin and end each day with a deep satisfaction of having fulfilled another part of my dream. My business is also a vehicle for others. As the Pure Pink Window team grows, I can employ more women who share my vision and whose principles align with the company’s.

When I launched this dream, I wanted to create more than simply an online boutique of gifts and accessories; I want to provide you with what you need to feel good about yourselves and to take care of who you are – inside and out. The products I have carefully selected do that; they’re fun, glittery, unique and ultra-girly.

When life can be a chore, or the climb can feel uphill, Pure Pink Window is here to remind you that everything you feel strongly about is worth working hard for – but you can have some fun and look great while doing it, along the way!

I’d love to hear more about you in the comments below – this is a great space for us to get to know each other. I’ll be sharing more ‘behind-the-scenes’ scoop so stay tuned as we journey onward in 2015!

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