Friday, February 20, 2015

You work hard all week, take care of your kids, and keep your family and romantic relationships alive and well. But when was the last time you had a ladies night? Just you and the girls? It's funny how those relationships can sometimes go neglected - yet, research shows that having fun with your best buds strengthens your immune system, makes you happier and even helps you live longer!

So, do you really need any more reason to schedule in a night with your besties? And if you're stuck on ideas, Pure Pink Window has you covered! 

Here are 5 unique ways to spend time with your girlfriends:

1. Host a wine-tasting party

Have each friend bring over a bottle of their favorite wine, then try some sips of each kind. (We won't judge if it ends up being more than a few sips, but please be responsible; bring your pj's and a toothbrush if you think you might make it a sleepover!) Gab over some delicious appies and just catch up on all the news in your worlds.

2. Have a mini-photo shoot

Help each other get glammed up and dolled out, then snap photos of each other against a sparkly backdrop, or plain wall. Remember the days of doing each other's hair and makeup? Well, now we have YouTube to help us perfect the smoky eye. We like this fun video, in particular, and are super impressed with her genius use of Scotch tape! (You'll have to see it to believe it!) 

Go on and be glamorous! 

May we also suggest some BLING from our selection of ladies jewelry? Remember, it's the accessories that make the outfit! 

3. Try a new activity through Groupon

There are so many ways to freshen up ladies night, that go way beyond coffee and dessert! Pottery night, paint night, sky diving...well, you get the picture! And the best part is, if you go through Groupon, you get yourself a great deal, and have more leftover in your ladies night fund! 

4. Experiment in the kitchen and come up with your own dessert

Maybe some of you are Pinterest-y bakers and some of you just like to eat what the other makes! Whatever your relationship with frosting and flour, see what happens when you all get together and start whipping ingredients together. Really, can you go terribly wrong with flour, butter, eggs and sugar? Maybe you'll even invent something you can show off on your Pinterest accounts! And hey, if you all wear your fancy aprons, you'll feel like you're all dressed up but in the comfort of your own home.

5. Get on your bikes and explore your city

If you and your girlfriends are up for an adventure, hop on your two-wheelers like you did when you were younger, and traipse about your city like tourists! Stop off at your favorite local hangouts or discover some new ones that you may have missed when you zip by in your cars. Fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy some laughs, feeling like kids again. Pick up some fresh food from a local deli and make a picnic out of it at a nearby park. Be spontaneous and go where your hearts desire. After all, girls just wanna have fun, and we can find fun in all kinds of places!

We hope you try one or more of these out - and let us know when you do! We always love to hear your comments, so drop us a line below!

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