Friday, December 12, 2014


We are living in an age where technology allows us to create new things and change the way we did things before – the same goes for gifts. We can now give personalized gifts to our loved ones more easily than in the past. 

Why Personalize ? 

      1. Traditional  gifts are forgettable but personalized gifts are memorable
When we give gifts to our friends, how many of them will remember that gift after 10 years? Chances are none. Common gifts are forgettable while personalized gifts are memorable. The receiver will always think of you when he sees that gift. Research shows people love their name because their name defines them and makes them feel special and they will keep anything that has their name on it for a long time. 

       Pretty Personalized Gym Bags

       2. Personalized gifts make people feel special 
On my husband’s 30th birthday, I gave him a clock with his name engraved on it. I spent only $30 for that gift but I saw tears in his eyes. Seeing that melted my heart since I had never seen him cry.  After that I’ve given him $600 golf clubs, game tickets, his favorite music collection but he never cried. Personalized gifts show the receiver that you really took that extra step to make them feel special by finding that perfect gift just for them.

 Personalized Scarves

     3.  They commemorate occasions 
Personalized gifts can be given on any occasion but many people like to give it on a special event like a baby shower, prom , graduation, wedding shower, sweet 16th birthday, Christmas or throughout the year. Gift cards will be used, clothes will get old, cups will break, but personalized gifts will always be there to stay.

     4. Kids get a kick out of it 
Kids just love to see their name on gifts….period. If my daughter could, she would write her name on everything she owns. She likes to put her name on her bedroom door, her wall, her backpack… and when I gave her a personalized lunch box and accessory kit, the only thing I got in return was hugs and kisses. They love to feel special and giving a personalized gift is icing on their cake. 

    5. I want a personalized gift for myself 
     People like to give personalized gifts because they want someone else to give one to them. It’s true, I always wanted someone to give me a gift with my name on it but we can’t tell anyone what to give us so I give personalized gifts to feel happy and make others happy ;)

So, give a gift of love. Don’t just give any gift- personalize it and make it a gift for life!!
                                                                                                   PurePink Window. 


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